So it’s not about love or attachments, really. Sometimes life depends on the vibes. They are like some untouched beauty of silence. They are all around us. Like mobile radiations. 

I strongly believe that if you envy a person,  your vibe reaches him . If You truly love that person, he knows it, subconsciously.

We all know each other before we actually know each other. What that means is we know each other through the exchange of these vibes even if we genuinely come to know that person years after. 

And perhaps, just sometimes, life is better because of these vibes . You feel what the other person feels of you in the moment when you can’t feel anything for yourself. 


And they say, time flies. As a kid I used to wonder if time is a housefly. As a teen, I think of it as wild, stubborn and a disobedient kid. It doesn’t wait for me and before I have time to stop and enjoy it, it slips away. None of us actually have a choice to control it, or save a little in a tight box for the future ; because it flies.
Time and tide wait for none. You blink your eye and notice each moment of your life showing up a new phase of time. It leaves you perplexed in this irksome labyrinth. Labyrinth of life where you decide how to spend each second of life fruitfully. I wish this stubborn kid -the  time had a replay, rewind, and a pause option.

But that’s life. No options or alternatives ;just live each moment because it’s like a special appearance ; it won’t come again and again


Wonder. Wonder the possibilities, the chances, and the opportunities ; be it the huge skyline or the limitless sky. 

Be a unicorn into this wondrous imaginery human life. Fly without wings into the conceptual horizon with wild dreams and silent determination. 

Dare to dream, dare to fall, dare to wonder. Because wondering is  the foundation story of success. 

Wonder, because you can. 

Wonder, because your life is yet to happen. 

Wonder, because you were not put on this earth to be like everyone else. 

Wonder, because you’re different. 

Wonder because you see the difference between a wanderer and a wonderer. 

 Life is a mystical dream. Live it fulfilling your dreams and imaginations. Each day brings to you new possibilities, live each day to make it the best day of your life.

Keep wondering, keep it going. 

Expectations and love

People say, most beautiful things in life happen unexpectedly. But the truth is, this quote is the reason for unhappiness around the world.

It’s this: we expect things to happen unexpectedly. Expecting expectations is what kills us within. We love too much, we attach too much, we expect too much.

We are in love with the idea of love. We search someone to make it to our level of expectations, which is the barrier to love. Most of us are unaware of this thing called love but it’s good because it’s dream like. It’s “IN” in the society. Hence we mislead ourselves. We misinterpret and make it  the biggest misnomer and a misleader.

I wish there was a choice in the world to  make people realize the truth, to make them to live it to our expectations. Unfortunately, this is just not the truth of life. 

Special day. 

So today is a very special day, because it’s the day when everyone can be wished greetings of this occasion. Right from a girl, woman, man, your aged uncle till the little daughter.
Today is children’s day.
Isn’t it a bittersweet funny, to realize that everyone needs to be wished this day.
Ironically, this day isn’t meant to relate to your age or something.
But your spirit, your dreams, and your liveliness.
Amidst this confusing labyrinth of life, stay like a lively and wise child. It ain’t your wrinkles or your weak muscles that make you old but it’s the ebbing hopes and desires.
We know someone is reaching his end when he’s lost the spirit of the soul and his desire to grow.
Grow as to put something to his experience ; to add something to life. To aspire for new desires and to live for new challenges.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow, but learn as if you were to live forever.”
-Mahatma Gandhi

So a very happy children’s day to the wild hearts out there.

Walking pool of secret

What is this creature called ” human”,  made up of?

Bones, blood or emotions?

Stones in us, called bones, are we actually stone hearted? Hollow, or just practical and nothing else?


We are probably those who hide ourselves. 

We are walking pool of secrets. The eyes that had  beheld us, those which had bewildered us and those that looked suspicious, were all the pathway to the pool  of secrets. 

Smiles that had once made your day, might have been fake. 

Voices shouting you to leave them alone were the ones who needed you the most. 

The mad teenagers who look like rebels do hide their love and innocence. 

All those who looked independent and brave were the ones who were needy of someone to share their heart out with.

Stop being a pool of secrets, start loving and forget the consequences because life is too short to be afraid and hide yourselves. 

Show up, if not now, WHEN? 


If I ask you to name all the things you love, how long would it take you to name yourself?

Thats where the true meaning of love starts. I believe that when a person can’t love his own soul he can’t really love anyone because you are the only person who will be with your soul in all the ups and downs of life.

You can’t really expect someone to love you if you are there to hate yourself. Keeping all the negatives of your life probing in your mind, you will eventually propagate it.

That’s when a big wall of loneliness will build around you. That wall, stronger than Ambuja cement could be broken down just with a small key.

Can you guess who’ll be the proprietor of this key?


I PROMISE ,your confidence, self loving and ambivert nature is the only key.

With love, An Indian girl. 


An open letter to all of those thinking of a bad day.

Amidst this haphazard life of yours, you might be thinking of the people who turned out to be villains and those who never left the last trace of your shadow. 

Remember never to wreak because people who often break us in the first place are the ones who really matter. They love you in the best of you and despite of all the  negatives you throw. You allow them to affect you because they’re the only ones that can make your life a perfect euphoria.

So stop taking each instance seriously and commence loving yourself completely and absolutely. 


It’s futile saying that
everything will be awesome tomorrow,
But I Promise,it will be better.

I won’t agree that you can’t be broken from the bottom of you heart;
But I promise,you will heal.

I don’t know your story.
But I know it will be special.

Broken you might be,
Broken never be the hopes.

Have the courage to fall but promise,
You won’t shatter?

Falling and breaking is a chapter of every life but I promise,
Shattering is the end.

With love,
-An Indian Girl.